win a free meerschaum pipe in my 50 sub contest

rules: leave a comment on this page with your fav tobacco, fav hobby, how long you have been smoking, and how many bowls a day do you smoke. no video respons…


  1. Congrats on the subs! I’ve been smoking a bit over a year now, came from cigars. Favorite of all is tough, but I’ll go with Mississippi River since I always go to it. I’m anywhere from one to three bowls per day, depends on the day. Hobbies include writing instrumentals, bowling (fairly good actually) and I’m a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast.

  2. Congrats on our subs buddy. I’ve been smoking a pipe for 1 1/2 yrs now and my favorite tobacco is penzance. My hobbies are pipe and cigar smoking, vaping and anything that you can do outdoors.

  3. I’ve been pipe smoking for about a year and a half. My fave tobacco is GL Pease Aragorn (but since that’s no longer made I’ll go with Mississippi River). I don’t smoke every day, I smoke around 5 bowls a week and my favourite hobby is of course pipe smoking :)
    Congrats on your 50 subs.

  4. Hey man. Ive been smokin for around 4 months. I smoke an average of 4 bowls a day. As of right now my favorite tobacco is frog morton on the bayou. Another hobby of mine is being an outdoorsman. Wether im huntin fishin workin my horses or just takin a walk with my wife and dogs i just love being outdoors. Thanks for your contest and what an awesome prize!!! Keep that smoke a rollin

  5. Congrats on your subs! I’ve been smoking just a few months. My fave tobacco right now is sutliff Barbados plantation. I usually smoke one bowl each day, sometimes every other day. And my non pipe smoking hobby is knitting. Thanks for your contest! – Rachel

  6. Hi, Jake. first off congrats on the 50 subs. At the moment my favorite tobacco is lane 1Q. I have only been smoking for about a month now so I really haven’t got the chance to try a whole lot of tobaccos yet. my favorite hobbies include archery, hunting, fishing, and reading. i smoke about a bowl a day just because i don’t have much tobacco to smoke at the moment. great contest and videos.

  7. I’m currently addicted to Candy Crush lol! I’m level 179, and I play throughout the day. I also like playing card games

  8. Congrats on the subs! My favorite tobacco I have to say is Lane 1Q, favorite hobby right now are computer games, I have been smoking pipes for 4 months, sometimes I smoke 1-2 bowls a day, sometimes I go a few days without smoking at all.

  9. Hi, Jake. Congrats on the subs. My favorite tobacco (so far) is Peterson’s Irish Whiskey. My favorite hobby would probably have to be boating, I just don’t get to do it nearly as much as I’d like. I’ve been pipe smoking for less than two months so far; just a noob. The YTPS Community has been a great resource, though. I smoke one to two bowls a week (not very much, but I’m trying to keep it special). Thanks for the contest. Cheers!

  10. Hiya Brother,
    I like to fish and ride my bike and play guitar; my favourite tobacco changes from time to time but I usually end up back with Erinmore Flake and I smoke around seven or eight bowls a day. I’ve been smoking for about 35 years.

  11. Computer gaming .smoking pipes 30 years. 5 to 10 bowls a day at the moment mb Scottish blend is my fave

  12. Hi There, My Favorite tobacco is Dunhill Nightcap
    I have a million hobbies, but my favorite is guitar playing/building.
    I’ve been smoking a pipe about 4 months, and I quit smoking cigs over a year ago.
    Thanks for the contest brother

  13. have u ever thought about vaporizers they have the nicatine kick with out any of the bad tobacco chemicals. if ur interested google halo ecigs.

  14. Hello Jake! My favorite hobby is playing drums. Favorite tobacco is Dunhill Flake. I smoke 2-3 bowls a day. And, I have been smoking a pipe for almost 6 months.

  15. Great looking meer, Jake. Very generous of you to offer it up in a drawing.
    Been smoking a little over a year. Fav baccy is Penzance. Smoke a bowl or 2 a day. My hobbies are also what I do for a living… Children’s Edutainment. Music puppets and ventriloquism. – Congrats on your subs.

  16. Hey man congrats on the subs and keep the videos comming, im patrick I smoke 2 to 7 bowls a day my favorite right now is lane limited 1q and my hobbies are pipe smoking, shooting guns, and cooking. Thanks for the contest and great videos bud.

  17. Hello, my name is Nate and I’m a pipe smoker. I have been a pipe guy for about a year. My hobbies include wood working, archery, sailing, and pipes/tobacco collecting/history. My favorite blend at the moment is Balkan Sasieni. I smoke from 1 to 5 bowls a day.

  18. Hello. Congrats on the subs! My current favorite tobacco is Macbarren dark twist. I smoke one bowl a day and I’ve been smoking a pipe for almost 3 years. My hobby is pipe collecting and cleaning for now. Thanks for the contest.

  19. Favorite tobacco is probably Escudo, hobby is leather work (and pipe restoration), been smoking a pipe for a little over a year, Great contest and prize pipe!

  20. thank you for your entry my friend i have to try and pick up a tin cause i love latikia blend. is it hard to get. happy smoking :)

  21. hey Jake my favourite tobacco is 3 oaks Syrian and my favourite hobby is collecting records I have smoked a pipe for 15 years. good luck with the contest.
    take care

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